Entorum - Business with flexible infographics PowerPoint template

Entorum - Business with flexible infographics PowerPoint template


Entorum business powerpoint template - crafted to impress

Create powerful presentations of your business growth, showcase results in flexible diagrams and charts, with Entorum template for business.

The templates are designed for PowerPoint, and will help you create:

  • detailed presentations of business services;
  • startup business plan presentations;
  • business pitch presentation;
  • timelines and progress charts;
  • slides aimed at storytelling.

Use Entorum to forge a PowerPoint presentation for your business and highlight all the important information.

Showcase data in flexible charts and diagrams

With Entorum business ppt template, you'll be able to impress the audience with classy infographics, that are designed for business purposes.

Every chart and diagram is a pre-designed element that can harbor your data instead of the one demonstrational one.

Edit the demo data directly in the PowerPoint, or using Excel sheets, to customize the iconographical elements in the presentation.

Pick between light and dark style variations

Does your content require a darker background color to stay readable? Entorum business powerpoint template design allows you to choose between dark and light stylization of the slides, so you’ll be able to pick a slide where your content looks at its most advantage.

  • Dark slides style - will fit best for images with a dark background, and the light color of text and inforaphics.
  • Light slides style - will be good for the images with a light background, and the dark color of text and infographics.

Use different aspect ration settings

When you need a specific aspect ratio for the presentation, it's utterly possible to change the ratio of the slides without harming the design or content loss.

Entorum .pptx template supports 4 aspect ratios:

  • 16:9
  • 4:3
  • 16:10
  • A4

Just use the one that is the most convenient for you to get the best results.

Edit custom vector objects

Entorum business PowerPoint template allows editing points of each vector object you get in the presentational slides.

Drag the points around to edit the vector image according to your needs and purposes and make it fit in your presentation.

Replace demo content with your data

Feel free to replace the demo images used in the presentation with the ones showcasing your business, services, or team members.

The stylization and shape of the replaced image will be applied to the newly set one.

The text blocks, headings, and literally every textual element in the presentation are fully replaceable as well, the font, style and other properties of the text will be automatically applied to your text once the demo content is replaced.

Find slide templates for any business purpose

In Entorum business .ppt template you get sets of classy slides for most needed business purposes:

  • Presentation slides - the slides designed to represent your business in the best light, providing information about all its aspects.
  • Analysis infographics - the presentation slide templates for displaying data in the form of charts and diagrams.
  • Visual content slides - the slides to display photo galleries, image layouts and
  • Timeline infographics - the presentation slides to display your workflow, timelines, and stages of your business.
  • Services slides - the slide templates for easy showcasing of the services your business provides.
  • Content and storytelling - the slides aimed to tell a story of your business, making your potential customers more familiar with your team, goals, and experience.

Map slides - use these slides to display the location of your business, or showcase your strategies aimed at different countries

Updates guaranteed

More color schemes and new slides are coming in updates for Entorum business .ppt templates. The presentation will be updated on a regular basis.

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"Template #" 85229
Тип: PowerPoint Templates
Author: ZEMEZ
Downloads: 75



Template # 85229
Type: PowerPoint Templates
Author: ZEMEZ
Downloads: 75
Color: white, blue, cyan,

tags: app, blue, business, design, plan, ppt, report, slides, template, templates, trend, infographic, powerpoint, pptx, timeline,